Frequently Asked Questions

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When will I get paid?

Payment is made instantly into your FaucetPay account.

Can I change my crypto address?

Once an account has been linked with FaucetPay we do not allow users to changes crypto addresses, for security reasons.

Why can't I access the faucet?

We turn faucets on and off based on how well we can support the Crypto it pays out.

I'm not seeing the currency in my wallet

Our faucets pay directly to your Faucet Pay account, so make sure you check your FaucetPay account.

I keep getting Captchas wrong, what should I do?

Our site relies on genuine traffic, so you have to keep trying or try again later if the Captcha is blocking you.

I'm struggling to read the Captcha, can I use a different one?

We use a mix of Captchas to make sure our site is safe and secure for our users. You can't select which one you use.

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